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Vernon Adams Is Down To One Test

Since we can't get enough storylines on Vernon Adams.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Thursday, August 13th, we will finally know if Vernon Adams will be a Duck or not.

According to Lindsay Schnell at, Adams has one last test to take on Thursday, which will decide if he can suit up for the Ducks this season or not. Adams is currently on campus in Eugene taking his final class. He is scheduled to take the test at 12:30 PST, which should take him about an hour long to complete. Adams has told SI that he has been "studying like crazy" and that this is his "last shot" to make it at Oregon. Once he is done with the test, he should find out after a few minutes if he passed it or not. If he does pass, then he will finally be able to head over to the football complex as a member of the Oregon Ducks. If he happens to not pass it, Adams is not sure what his next move will be. It is possible that he could go back to Eastern Washington, but it doesn't seem likely that they will accept him back on their football team. A transfer elsewhere is possible.

Even though Adams has been on campus at Oregon, he was told by Oregon coaches that he is not allowed to participate with his potentially future teammates in any fashion. Other than working on his course work, he has been using his free time in the summer to workout and throw with friends to help stay in shape.

Here's to hoping that Adams passes his exam on Thursday. Not only for his future of joining the Ducks, but for finally being able to graduate and help shape his life in the future for good outside of football.