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Vernon Adams Is Eligible

The summer long saga of Vernon Adams is finally over.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like we finally have an answer to whether Adams will ever be eligible or not to suit up for the Ducks.

Adams posted a picture on his Instagram announcing that he passed his math exam and that he will be eligible to play for the Ducks this coming season. This is coming right after he posted another picture calling out all of his "haters" and that he "never wanted all of this attention". It looks like he will finally start the quarterback battle (that honestly felt like it started months ago, even though he never was physically with the team) against Jeff Lockie. Adams has stated that he is planning on going to team meetings tonight and that he plans to practice with the team for the first time on Friday.

This is great news for Vernon on so many accounts. On the football side, he can finally prove to everyone who didn't recruit him out of high school that he can play at a big time program and succeed at this level of competition. He proved that when it comes down to the final test (quite literally) of accomplishing something, he can rise to the challenge. But most importantly, he received his degree from Eastern Washington, which will last with him a lifetime, long after his football days are over.

Congratulations, Vernon.

Welcome to the Ducks!