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Closing in on the Upcoming Season

Are you eagerly awaiting the time when you can watch college football again? Overanalyze the Ducks' performances on a weekly basis? Are you tired of relying on countdowns? Hey, me, too!

The 2nd Coming of DAT.
The 2nd Coming of DAT.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown application on my Samsung Galaxy reminded me today that there are a mere 14 days until Ducks football.  14 days too many, if you ask me.  But we have made it through the dog-days of summer, enduring the beating-of-a-dead-horse that is "Deflategate," baseball news, other NFL controversies, and in our own little ATQ realm, we've salivated over the encore performance of Royce Freeman, end enjoyed "spirited" debates about who our starting quarterback is going to be this upcoming season.  Do we go with the player with the higher upside in Vernon Adams?  Or do we rely on the player who is familiar with the system and organization in Jeff Lockie?  We can debate this endlessly, but at some point, good ol' Coach Helfrich will announce the starter, which will inspire more "spirited" conversation amongst the ATQ faithful on whether or not it was a good decision.  We have Bralon Addison making a return.  We have Darren Carrington making a return after missing the most important game of his young life due to suspension.  We have the return of the blur that is Devon Allen and all of the potential he boasts.  We have the untapped promise of Charles Nelson, who very well could be the most impressive utility knife in the country.  We'll certainly miss Grassu, and Ifo, and obviously, the greatest player in Oregon football history in Marcus Mariota, but our cupboard is hardly bare.  We have a rematch with a very sharp and disciplined Michigan State Spartans team, in East Lansing, nonetheless.  In short, we have a lot to look forward to this season.  We have an embarrassment of riches in the skills department.  We have another season of "PANIC" and "whiskey/cap locks/no pants" and awkward Bill Musgrave comments.  The excitement and anticipation grows stronger with each passing day.  All of us at Addicted to Quack have awaited the upcoming moment since we all had our hearts ripped out, spit on, kicked hackey-sack style, and crushed at the expense of Ezekiel Elliott.  Everyone starts the season undefeated, with a clean slate.  We're entering a new phase of Oregon Ducks football; post-MM8.  
Here's to the new season.

Side note - I look forward to providing the general College Gameday threads for you fine fans every Saturday morning.  Being that I live in Michigan, and am three hours into the future in comparison to you fortunate Oregonians (is that what you're called?  We're called Michiganders....which sounds like a kind of duck, ironically), you can count on a preview of the rest of the games going on in the country by time you wake up.  Maybe with bacon.  But I like bacon. So there may not be any bacon left by time you wake up. But I digress.  Win the Day, Next Man Up, etc. etc. etc.

Go Ducks.