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USC Head Coach Steve Sarkisian Tells Everyone What He Really Thinks

Sark lets loose on what he thinks of his rivals.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Summer, man. It's long. It's hot. Unless you like baseball, there's really no sports on to get excited about. Other than counting down the days until football starts, there's not much to do.

Apparently, us fans aren't the only ones getting bored and anxious for the season to finally start. The summer heat must really be getting to University of Southern California head coach Steve Sarkisian as well. At an event Saturday night, Steve Sarkisian really gave his two cents, and more, on what he thinks. While I cannot put all of the quotes on here because here at ATQ we are a family friendly site, I can give just a quick insight on what Seven Win Steve thinks about his rivals:

"They all suck!"

Ground breaking analysis and insight.

I'm not really sure Sark did a very thorough scouting report, because the teams that he was referring to were Arizona State, Notre Dame, and Oregon. Apparently, Athletic Director Pat Haden and former USC head coach John McKay head to "wrangle" him off the stage. Obviously, this is no way to act even if you've been at a school for 30 years, let alone in your second year where your boss has to drag you off stage because you may or may not have been a little too inebriated.

If you  want to check out all of his quotes from people who were there, you can do so here. But I warn you, these are not safe for the eye's of any youngsters. Could this mean we already have our first nominee for Biggest Quack next year?

I really can't wait for this season to start so we don't have any more stories like this.