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Slingin' Quack: Fall Camp, QB Battle, Injuries and Depth

Rusty and Sean take a big look at the depth present on the Oregon roster. Depth is a result of the focus put on recruiting under Mark Helfrich, which is probably the biggest difference between Helfrich and Kelly. Tyner, Stanford, and more discussed

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Rusty and Sean Larson discuss the headlines coming out of Rob Moseley's practice reports.  The receivers are getting better because of depth.  The injury of Thomas Tyner is discussed and what that means for the Oregon backfield.  Vernon Adams and Jeff Lockie are still locked in a battle for the starting quarterback job and the two discuss what it means when Adams wins and what i means if Lockie wins.

Sean and Rusty disagree on depth and talent in certain areas of the roster and go position-by-position throughout the roster.

As always, the impending matchup with Michigan State is discussed.

One of the big themes throughout this whole episode is how important depth has become to the Oregon team.  We note how the loss of Tyner is somewhat muted based on who is behind him and how Dwayne Stanford knew he had to make more of the off-season given the players coming in.  One of the big steps for Oregon throughout recruiting is just adding depth to the roster.

A big note that I'm not sure if I remember we talked about during the pod but I want to make clear, the person I feel worse for is Thomas Tyner.  As an Oregon fan, yeah, it sucks we're without him, but on a personal level and seeing what he can do and seeing his potential it really sucks this happened to him when he rebounded after being injured last year and when Freeman blew up Tyner stepped his game up to a level where it was impossible to keep him off the field.  At the end of the season he might have been the best running back in the country, especially in the Florida State game.  Tyner even started against Ohio State.  I really hope that the Oregon medical staff that has taken care of every Duck and returning them to full health so fast is able to get Tyson back to full speed so he can show what he's got in time for a NFL team to see how good he is.