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Quack Fix: How will the Ducks perform in the post-Mariota era?

Your daily dose of Duck news.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
With less than a month until the Ducks are finally back at Autzen, the media continues to focus on one main story line: How will Oregon perform without Mariota at the helm?
  • Sports Illustrated released its 2015 preseason college football Top 25, placing Oregon in the No. 10 spot. Oregon was the second-highest Pac-12 team on the list, with the USC Trojans at No. 8.
  • Many doubt that the Ducks will be able to come anywhere close to the level of success they reached last year. But Oregon still has plenty of tools in their belt for 2015. The Oregonian put together a list of 15 reasons to be optimistic, or pessimistic, about Oregon's quickly-approaching football season.
  • provided a Preseason Camp Preview, focusing on what to expect out of Oregon's linebackers this season.
  • And finally, Marcus Mariota responded to the video of his sad three-year-old fan with a video message.