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Rusty and Sean are back after the Michigan State loss. Going through the game and some of the plays the two give their hot takes. Finishing the podcast Rusty and Sean talk about Mariota's debut and which player they can't stand the most. HOT TAKES

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It was a disappointing loss in East Lansing, aka the worst place on earth not named Husky Stadium, (seriously, East Lansing is the worst city I've ever been too, but that's neither here no there).  However, while there are no morale victories in zero-sum games there are a lot of positives to take away from the loss at Michigan State.

After discussing the specifics of the game Sean and I discuss what the loss means in terms of Oregon making the national championship game.  A quick view of the national landscape gives a greater perspective on where Oregon fits into the national equation.

I give my hot take on Oregon's biggest weakness, one that's been around for a while, but it's weak not for the reason you might expect.

It was a big weekend for Marcus Mariota and the player we love to laugh at, Jameis Winston.  We talk about our heirarchy of following our second and third favorite teams and talk about the dogmas that have led us to this point in football.