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Quack Fix: All's Not Quiet On the Oregon Front

Two days before Game 3, Vernon Adams' broken finger has raised questions about how Oregon proceeds in otherwise banal game.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports
  • With word officially out about Vernon Adams' broken finger, today the embattled quarterback said that while he hopes to play Saturday, he's officially in Tom Brady-mode -- aka, he's a game-time decision.
  • This week's game is a great opportunity for young guys to get serious minutes -- and next week will be a great chance to persuade others to join the fold.
  • A week after getting Charles Nelson back and integrated, it appears Oregon may add to their arsenal of speed -- Devon Allen, after playing in just 18 snaps against MSU, says he's good to go, 100%.
  • One recruit who hasn't received much attention is Paris Bostick; that could be changing however, as he appears to have moved to safety, where he's making an instant impact. Others could be joining him in seeing the field more, as well.
  • After Bralon Addison's big return in MSU game, coach Tom Osborne wants even more from his special teams units.
  • With one loss in the column already, there's literally zero room for error. Luckily, a large contingency of seniors are stepping up the plate, making sure the focus is there going forward.