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Armchair Quarterback: Would You Start Lockie Or Adams Going Forward?

Who would your starting quarterback be?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

For this week's Armchair Quarterback, we are going to be doing things a little bit differently. Obviously, since the Ducks win, there really isn't anything that we could really discuss about doing differently to pull out a victory. Instead, we are going to do an Armchair Coach type of thing. As mentioned earlier, Oregon had essentially a bye week when they welcomed Georgia State to Autzen.

Jeff Lockie got the start for this game over Vernon Adams, who started the previous two games against Eastern Washington and Michigan State. Now, Jeff Lockie getting the start isn't really because of anything that he's done in practice to out play Adams, as Adams has been dealing with an injury on his finger. That injury was pretty evident in the Michigan State loss when there was something clearly affecting Adams' accuracy. Reports are also coming about that Adams's injury is about 80% healed, so head coach Mark Helfrich is going to have to make a decision on who to start since Lockie is clearly the fan favorite over Adams.

In leading the Ducks to a 61-28 victory over Georgia State, Lockie went 23/31 for 228 yards and threw 2 touchdowns. With a Saturday night showdown against a ranked Utah team, who would you start to get the Ducks first quality win of the season?