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Quack Fix: First the math test, now the finger

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Adams' health is just one of the many storylines for Oregon as they head into their conference opener Saturday against Utah.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports
  • Adams, a couple days removed from declaring his finger "80 percent," was much more 'Oregon' today, as he refused to answer questions about his availability; instead, he went Rasheed Wallace on us, giving nothing more than his finger feels 'good.'
  • Ken Goe has strong opinions for and against my views on Mark Helfrich, prompting the question: Where does Helfrich rank? This week will go a long way towards telling us where the program is. It's clearly his team now, and this is the type of game he absolutely must win.
  • Oregon knows who their opponent for that teams QB? That's still up in the air, and, much like Oregon, it may be that way up until Saturday.