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College Gameday Thread

Another day, another lineup of college football, including UCLA throwing down with Arizona, which is the only game with two ranked teams aside from some other PAC12 matchup with two of the best running backs in the country. Isn't it ironic that the only two games that have two ranked teams are from the PAC?

Expect a lot of scoring in this matchup.
Expect a lot of scoring in this matchup.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's a relatively quiet day for college football action, with the top-two teams in the country playing against Central Michigan and Western Michigan.  Now look, I went to Northern Michigan University.  Michigan has a lot of directional colleges.  But you'll never see them playing against a Division-1 team in football.  At NMU, if it wasn't about hockey, it didn't matter.  Who went to Northern Michigan University?  Tom Izzo.  That's who.  But I digress.  We saw Stanford push around Oregon State like Nelson Muntz pushes around Milhouse last night, utilizing their run game to walk away with a 42-24 victory.
The game of the night (aside from our beloved Ducks, of course) is the Arizona Wildcats and UCLA Bruins.  ESPN College Gameday will be in Tucson, and the rumor is that everyone's favorite Scooby Wright will return to action tonight.  Fun fact - Rich Rodriquez is 0-3 against UCLA as Arizona's coach.
But if you simply love the sport, here is what else the day has to offer.  As always, ranking are included, and all times are Pacific.


(8) LSU @ Syracuse (ESPN)

(20) Georgia Tech @ Duke (ESPN2)

(22) BYU @ Michigan (ABC)


(24) Oklahoma State @ Texas (ESPN)

Western Michigan @ (1) Ohio State (ABC/ESPN2)


(3) TCU @ Texas Tech (Fox)


(14) Texas A&M @ Arkansas (ESPN)


(9) UCLA @ (16) Arizona (ABC)


(19) USC @ Arizona State (ESPN)

Leave the comments section loaded with witty banter and cross your fingers for some more chaos!  And cheers for the Ducks starting PAC12 play!