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Utah vs. Oregon: X's and O's by Dose

This one is going to suck.

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I think the above song is about as good of an opener as I could write, so let's just get straight to the plays.

Jeff Lockie 6-yard touchdown pass to Bralon Addison

As Tako mentioned in his Tako Tuesday article earlier today, this touchdown pass capped off one of the few happy moments from last Saturday's loss. After Vernon Adams was pulled from the game due to his inconsistent play because of his broken finger, Lockie came in the game and drove the Ducks right down the field. The drive ended with this beautiful play design.

This play begins with two Oregon receivers split out to the wide side of the field, which Utah matches with two corner backs. The rest of the Oregon personnel is lined up to the weak side, with two tight ends and Royce Freeman to the right of Lockie. Knowing that Utah is in man coverage, Lockie motions Addison towards the backfield which forces the Utah DB to run across the formation with Addison.

Lockie Utah TD 1

The ball is snapped when Addison gets to the edge of the line. Lockie begins a play action look with Royce Freeman, and it looks like Addison will keep running across the formation and be open for a screen look out to the short side of the field.

Lockie TD Utah 2

Instead, Addison hits the brakes and cuts back to run his flat route to the side of the field he was just motioned in from. The Utah cornerback actually realizes this fairly quickly, but his own momentum fails him. By the time he is able to stop and turn, he is three steps behind Addison.

What the Utah DB in motion:

Lockie makes the easy pass and Addison is able to walk into the endzone untouched.

Travis Wilson 26-yard touchdown pass to Britain Covey

After Oregon tied the game up at 6-6, Utah had an 11 play, 75 yard drive that took up five minutes. The drive ended with this Travis Wilson touchdown pass to a wide open Britain Covey.

This play is a great example of the disfunction that plagued Oregon all game. Oregon drops eight in to coverage on this play (#FirePellum), with what appears to be three deep zones, the inside linebackers and safety Juwaan Williams respnsible for the middle of the field and outside linebackers Tyson Coleman and Christian French responsible for the flats on either side.

Wilson to Covey 1

Utah keeps both their tight end and their running back in to block on this play, giving them seven blockers against the three Oregon pass rushers. Obviously, this means that the Oregon secondary has the numbers advantage, with eight defenders dropping in to coverage against three Utah receivers. Utah runs a fake screen look to the outside receiver, while Covey - from the slot - feigns a block and then runs a fly route down the field.

Wilson to Covey 2

We already covered the poor game plan on this play, now it's time to talk about the poor execution. When the fake screen takes place, all three of the Oregon defenders in the area - including Arrion Spring who (appears) to be responsible for the deep zone - crash down towards the screen.

Wilson to Covey 3

Wilson makes the easy pass and Covey has one of the easiest touchdown catches he'll ever have. Poor game plan, and poor execution.

Jeff Lockie pass interce

You know what, screw it. Lets not beat a dead horse. Oregon stunk last week. Go watch this highlight reel of the best plays in Oregon football history, remember all the good times from the past decade, and let's all focus on covering the 12-point spread against Colorado next week. Go Ducks.