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Armchair Quarterback: A Lot Of Question Marks

This....this one hurts.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this just sucks.

I guess let's start with the offense.

Adams makes the start, despite having  that index finger still injured, and goes 2 for 7 for only 26 yards, but does throw a touchdown, before getting yanked in the 2nd quarter for Jeff Lockie. Locke didn't fare too much better, throwing for 50% and a 139 yards with two interceptions and a touchdown. Royce Freeman led the Ducks in rushing with 77 yards on 14 carriers, but no touchdowns. However, he finished leading Oregon in receiving yards at 46 with a touchdown reception.

Now to the defense...

This was just bad. At the beginning of the season, Oregon's secondaries were in question. That never was so apparent as it was as Travis Wilson threw for 4 touchdowns. The run defense didn't help out either as Utah rushed for 273 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Entering the game, Oregon's overall defense was ranked 105th among FBS programs and 104th in scoring defense.

Not really sure what exactly to pinpoint to this lose for us to debate on what we would have done differently. Do you make the quarterback switch? Do you gameplan differently? Is Helfrich the one to blame? I'm just going to go with the quarterback switch.

Let the angry comments commence.