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Quack Fix: Will Oregon's Secondary Be a Potential Downfall?

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
  • Travis Jonsen is happy to be a DuckDespite being behind several other QB's -- and in-line to redshirt -- Travis Jonsen is happy to be a Duck. Oregon has lost backups the past couple seasons, but Jonsen says there is nothing to worry about; he's here, and ready to compete.
  • Vernon Adams isn't the only senior to transfer in and win a starting spot -- in a far less publicized, but equally important decision, Matt Hegarty has been named Oregon's starting center, completing his seamless transition.
  • As the season (finally) arrives, it's always fun to take a look at the unsung heroes that make the program click -- and no one personifies that role better than Ivan Faulhaber. The walk-on from Sheldon is in his third year with the program, and has found a nice role as an outside linebacker.
  • Yes, the secondary is young. Yes, the secondary is extremely talented. And yes, the secondary will be tested all season long. Will it be enough to keep Oregon from its ultimate goal, however? The fine folks at Grantland outline top-tier teams' weaknesses and, yes, Oregon's secondary makes an appearance.