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Quack Fix: Byron Marshall Not In The Lineup

Your daily dose of Duck news.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports


  • Despite the lopsided loss the Ducks suffered on Saturday night, not all was completely lost as it pertains to the future of Oregon football. Oregon hosted a number of future football recruits for the game against Utah, and it doesn't seem like the outcome of the game really affected what the recruits thought of Oregon and its football program.
  • Senior receiver Byron Marshall left the game against Utah in the second quarter when he limped off the field and was later taken off in a cart. It seems the injury is going to keep him out of the lineup for this coming matchup against Colorado.
  • Its been well documented that the Oregon defense has been an achilles heel to this team, could that mean that there could be some changes coming to the defense?
  • And to quickly take things over to basketball, the Ducks landed 4-star power forward M.J. Cage to the 2016 recruiting class.