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Slingin' Quack: So Something Not Chill Happened Saturday

Rusty and Sean go over the most embarrassing loss in pretty much forever and what is wrong with the Ducks thus far. They talk about Marcus Mariota because it makes us feel better about everything and then look towards the game against Colorado.

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The game against Utah was flat out embarrassing.  Utah did to Oregon what Oregon usually does to other teams.  Utah dominated every phase of the game and were outcoached.  Is this what Oregon is this year?  Are they doomed to being average?   Will they make a bowl game?  Is this the end of the Golden Age of Oregon Football?

Marcus Mariota had a game against the Colts and I talk with Sean about what to expect from Mariota this year and how the Titans are using Mariota.  You can probably guess what our comments are on this subject.

Looking ahead to Colorado we look at Colorado's strengths.  The line is Oregon -7, which is pretty much awful given the history of these two programs over the last decade.

I highly encourage people to listen to the podcasts.  Not just because I do it because I actually believe this is pretty solid stuff.