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Preseason QuackPoll Rankings: Just the Right Amount of Troll

Your weekly ATQ college football rankings

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The QuackPoll is back!

If you are back from years past, well hey, thanks for sticking around. I promise that these polls will as poorly thought out and wacky as they have been in the past.

If you are new, let me explain exactly what you just clicked on. This is the QuackPoll. Every week, your favorite ATQ mod/writer/contributors will submit their college football rankings, which I will aggregate and make into one, tidy ranking. After the ranking, we will be assigning awards to the contributors for their contrarian viewpoints, laziness, sheep-ness, etc.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to the first QuackPoll of the year!

Ranking Team Points
1 Ohio State (9) 249
2 TCU (1) 234
3 Oregon 215
4 Alabama 211
5 Michigan State 209
6 Auburn 196
7 Baylor 175
8 Florida State 143
9 Arizona State 140
10 USC 139
11 Clemson 124
12 UCLA 122
13 Georgia 120
14 Arkansas 102
15 Notre Dame 101
16 LSU 88
17 Georgia Tech 87
18 Stanford 70
19 Ole Miss 67
20 Boise State 61
21 Oklahoma 56
22 Wisconsin 51
23 Miami 49
24 Utah 34
25 Mississippi State 33

Also Receiving Votes: Cal 27, Louisville 21, Michigan 19, Tennessee 17, Missouri 12, Cincinnati 8, Texas 7, Arizona 6, Nebraska 4, Indiana 1

Last year, the preseason QuackPoll was about as wacky as a college football ranking could get. One contributor ranked the teams in alphabetical order. It was mayhem. This year, most of the contributors added a small dash of troll, but not enough to throw the whole ranking out of whack.

Troll of the Week

Our first Troll of the Week award has to go to Tako. Tako left Notre Dame, Baylor and Georgia off of his preseason 25, but made sure to get Wazzu in there, ranking the Cougars the #23 best team in the country. Some say Tako is an innovator, others think he's just weird.

BAAAAAAH Sheep of the Week

Sean Larson is our first Sheep of the Week. It was a down week for sheep-ness, as the preseason poll is often the best time to get weird But Sean had the same top 10 as the AP, just in a slight different order, and that's enough to earn him the wool belt.

Contrarian of the Week

The only thing standing between Ohio State and a perfect 250 ranking this week is Joel G. placing the TCU Horned Frogs atop his rankings. I'm not exactly sure what the returning national champions, who return almost everybody from last year's team, needed to do to for Joel to rank them #1. But I am sure he has his reason, and for this act, Joel has earned himself the preseason contrarian title.

Hey Steve, what do you think of the Trojans starting the year ranked #10?