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Slingin' Quack: Eastern Washington Recap and Michigan State Preview

Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson look at the week that was against Eastern Washington. After looking at the PAC-12 results from week 1 it's important for the conference for Oregon to beat MSU. Lastly, they make their predictions for the game of the week.

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There were a lot of hot takes coming out of the Eastern Washington game.  Rusty and Sean try to tackle them all.  The podcast begins with the important part, going back over the win starting with the final score.  It was clear very quickly that Eastern Washington is much better than all of us anticipated.  Eastern Washington came to play and we should really stop scheduling good FCS teams.  Instead we should schedule Power 5 teams like Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Purdue, Illinois, and Indiana (we still owe them).

The pass coverage is pointed out first and whether the pass coverage was to blame or whether it was some individual players, a few mistakes, or something else entirely.  The EWU receivers really took advantage of the lack of experience in the Oregon secondary.

Rusty and Sean go position by position and look at how well the QBs, RBs, WRs, Oline, Dline, LBs, and DBs performed.  Ultimately there's one group that will determine whether this team can win a national championship or if they will lose three games.

Lastly, the two discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Michigan State and Oregon.  Looking over the roster and looking at the game last year there are causes for concern.  Find out their predictions at the end of the pod.