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Addicted to Quack is hiring for new contributors

If you're reading this, you read our blog. Have you ever wanted to write for us? Here's your chance.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Football season may be over, but the busiest time of year in Oregon athletics is just beginning to rev up. At Addicted to Quack, we're dedicated to bring you as much Oregon Ducks news coverage as possible, but that coverage wouldn't be possible without a team of devoted staff writers.

If you have ever wanted to write for Addicted to Quack, or are just passionate for good writing about the Ducks, we have openings for contributor positions at our blog. While these positions are unpaid, they do have the potential to open bigger doors. Take Joel Gunderson for example. Joel was a devoted member of our staff this fall and was a huge part of our football coverage. Now, Joel's writing can be found on Sports Illustrated.

A description of the position can be found below. Interested candidates may email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Addicted to Quack is looking for new writers to help cover Oregon Ducks news relating to basketball, baseball, track & field, and other spring sports. Writers will also help cover breaking news during the day, weekly link roundup articles, as well as recruiting coverage, including on National Signing Day. Those who have a strong background in sports writing are encouraged to reach out with a resume and writing samples to