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ATQ Staff Profiles: Sean Larson

You say you don’t know it’s time to change that!

Hello, ATQ. We’ve been making strides to reconnect the community by doing such things as giving you the Quack Fix and creating a community moderator board. You’ve also commented on how you feel like you don’t know some of our newer writers. While we may never get back to the ways of the good old days when all the writers would hang out with you in the comments like we used to, we can at least provide you with a little background on who we are and why we’re here.

So to kick things off, here’s a little bit about me, Sean Larson, Managing Editor of this wonderful, sometimes dysfunctional but always entertaining, community.

1. When did you join ATQ and why?

I originally joined the blog on January 1, 2014. I had recently graduated from Oregon with a journalism degree and was looking for a place to keep up my writing in order for my $30,000 per year diploma to hold some value. In February 2015, our founder David Piper asked me to take the wheel, and I’ve been sailing this ship ever since. Somehow, I have managed not to sink it to the bottom of the ocean.

2. What's your favorite thing about ATQ?

I love working with our writers to come up with ways to deliver the best Ducks coverage possible. We know you guys can go a ton of other places to get your Oregon news, but by coming up with new and creative ways to cover the Ducks, we give you a place where you feel like you’re not just on a blog, but part of a community with fellow Oregon fans from all over.

3. Favorite Ducks sport:

Toss up between basketball and track & field.

4. Favorite Ducks athlete, past or present:

Johnathan Loyd. He may have been small, but his energy and enthusiasm on the court was second to none. He was a joy to watch and be around during my time in the Pit Crew. He played with such passion, and you could just see on his face how happy he was to be playing the sport he loved. He didn't have as much enthusiasm as Nick Lucenti, but that’s just a silly expectation to meet.

5. Favorite Oregon game you've been to or watched:

2012 Rose Bowl. We escaped another hellish Eugene winter to bask in the sunshine of Southern California. It was such a back-and-forth game with so many explosive plays (sup, DAT) and exciting moments (Kiko interception, Michael Clay fumble recovery). I’ll never forget the moment the ref said the game was over and it just turned into pure joy and celebration in the bleachers. And after being at the 2010 Rose Bowl when we lost to Ohio State, the win was that much sweeter.

6. Five Guys or In N Out?

Both overrated, but I like In N Out more. Five Guys is just kinda “meh” to me.

7. Twizzlers or Red Vines?


8. Helfrich or Chip?

Chip. He had such a sass towards the media that was fun to be around. My favorite moment interacting with Chip was during a press conference in 2012. DAT had another huge day, and I pointed out he was trending on Twitter across the nation for it. Chip chuckled and said, “You want me to go all philosophical on Twitter for you...are you brining me down that path?” Many people thought he was a dick, but just like the media, he was just trying to do his job the best way he saw fit. I think Helfrich is a good coach, but he just doesn’t have any personality to him, something Chip clearly didn’t lack.

9. Favorite Oregon quarterback of the last decade not named Mariota:

Darron Thomas. He wasn’t in the national spotlight, he didn’t make it to the NFL, but goddamn HE WON US A FREAKING ROSE BOWL.

10. One other thing you think everyone should know about you:

I’m from Seattle, root for all the pro northwest teams (except the Blazers, save our Sonics!) and still despise the Huskies even though their campus and stadium reminds me of home.