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ATQ Staff Profiles: Alex Rider

Well, here goes nothing....

Alright, here’s my shot at these questions:

1. When did you join ATQ and why?

Joined ATQ in December of 2015 because I was looking to expand my writing capacity while being in a community of Ducks. You’ll likely remember me from my Pac-12 basketball power rankings (shameless plug about how my first one will be out soon).

2. What's your favorite thing about ATQ?

The people. Never has anyone been short to call me out on grammar, or anything. You name it. To be honest, as one that is in grad school right now, I love the chance to improve my writing. But most importantly I love being able to follow along with fellow Ducks.

3. Favorite Ducks sport:

Football. Love my Ducks hoops but football takes it forever and always.

4. Favorite Ducks athlete, past or present:

I feel like Marcus should be exempt. To be fair, I’ll let you all know he’s a terrible FIFA player. But, I’m going to go Keanon Lowe. No, not the most flashy but that guy was the most impactful player I’ve been around. His leadership was (and obviously IS) unmatched. He’s going to make a heck of a coach some day.

5. Favorite Oregon game you've been to or watched:

My last game as a “coach”, beating Texas in the Alamo Bowl.

6. Five Guys or In N Out?

Five Guys. Don’t really love either to be honest though.

7. Twizzlers or Red Vines?

Red Vines.

8. Helfrich or Chip?

Chip. As much as I love my former employer in Helf there was such a difference in Chip. The player difference was astounding after he left. Chip’s going to be the one that got away.

9. Favorite Oregon quarterback of the last decade not named Mariota:

Darron Thomas. Somehow that guy found a way to win. Although I want to give a bonus shoutout to Bryan Bennett. Long live the Colt Lyerla/Bryan Bennett double touchdown.

10. One other thing you think everyone should know about you:

The fact that I grew up 10 miles from the Fuskies and chose to go to Oregon.