DBD 10.24.2016: I reclaim thee in the name of California Golden Blogs!

Four defensive coordinators and seven years ago we ceded control of our proud colony CGB North following the great 42-3 debacle. After six subsequent, failed efforts to restore CGB North to its past glory, we have finally prevailed on the gridiron. As such, we at CGB are celebrating our new conquest by hosting our DBD at CGB North today.

What is a DBD? It stands for Daily Bear Dump and it is where we post links and talk smack engage in scholarly discussions throughout the day about topics generally unrelated to Cal sports. It is somewhat similar to what you rubes crudely refer to as a Morning Quack Fix. As a gesture of goodwill to our brethren at CGB North, we invite you to join our DBD today. Oski's blessings upon you and GO BEARS!

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