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We Were There

Introducing a new fan driven feature

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

We want to hear about your game day experiences. No, really, we do. Inspired by a fanpost by Cyril Figgis and a comment by LosPatos, we'll be providing a space each week to talk about the good and the bad of each weeks location.

I want to hear about where to park, where to stay, where to drink, where to tailgate, the stadium, the opposing fans, where to drink, all the important stuff. Did something awesome happen to you? Did you have the best garlic fries ever? Do they now let you take alcoholic beverages into the game in the Club Level? Did I mention where to drink?

Are you mostly a fan of the opposing team? I want to hear from you too.

I'll be putting up a post on the Monday after each game (hey, I've got to give you derelicts the time to sober up,) starting this Monday, October 31st following the Arizona State game. I look forward to hearing all about your experiences. Go Ducks.