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Ducks become Webfoots this weekend

Check out this weekends uniforms

Is it just me or are the Ducks (Webfoots I mean) beginning to announce their uniform choices earlier and earlier in the week? Maybe it’s a way to take the focus of the team’s performance.

Regardless, the Ducks will break out the Webfoots jerseys this weekend against the Huskies. We saw these jerseys break out during the spring game and apparently they’re back for more this weekend with a few changes. To me, the best touch on the jersey is the state of Oregon flag on the helmet.

You can check out the full story on the jerseys here.

Let’s be honest though, if we’re going to go a “throwback” look, why do anything different than this beauty. What are your thoughts on the Webfoots look? On another note, I think I might see what the Oregon staff is doing here. The Ducks are the ones that currently hold a 12 game winning streak over that team to the north on I-5. But, the Webfoots, well they hold no such winning streak over that team. Well played Oregon, well played.