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Oregon Ducks Postgame Interviews: ASU

Justin Herbert and company are all smiles after a streak-snapping win over Arizona State on Saturday afternoon

Arizona State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Oregon Ducks football postgame interviews for Saturday, October 29 game against the Arizona State Sun Devils. If you missed anything from the players or coaches following the Ducks 54-35 win, fear not, that’s why we are here.


“Well, I think it was good. The next step in the process. We came in with a game plan. We were going to put the ball in his hands quite a bit. They’re really good against the rush and we were able to run against them better than most everybody else. We knew we were going to have to count on him to throw the football. His decision-making in the quick game is really good, getting it to the right guys. That’s kind of what got us started, then rolled from there.”


“Very seldom does he make the same mistake twice. That’s what we talk about all the time. The first game against Washington, he did some really good things in that game. Probably more than I anticipated. He was able to do more against Cal than Washington. Then this week, even more than he did (last week vs Cal). It’s the progress of a quarterback. All of this is just experience for him to add to his database of information so he can continue this process. What we just said in the locker room is, ‘We got to be better next Saturday for USC than we were this week.’”


“Personnel groupings, we are using a lot of double-tight sets right now. More of — hitting the inside guys — the quick game stuff, and underneath. Those guys were heavily involved in that a lot more. The outside guys were in a lot more one-on-one situations. We tried to take shots to them when we had the opportunity to. They did a pretty good job of not letting us do that as much as we wanted to. So, we had to rely on the tight ends and they made a bunch of plays for us.”

Arizona State v Oregon
Mark Helfrich was staring up at an Oregon lead on the scoreboard from Autzen Stadium for the entire game on Saturday against the Sun Devils
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images


“He ran the ball a couple times today. Depending on what the defense does, he can run the football. But, that is not his strength. His strength is throwing it. Using him that way with the ability to run or throw today on certain plays took advantage of that. It opened up some of our run game.”


“Yeah, I did know that. We have been talking about starting fast all year. That helps the defense out. Big thing was we wanted to go out and execute on the first drive. Put ourselves in position to be successful. Then Pharaoh (Brown) made a great play that gets everything started. That kept us rolling. Kind of continued our roll from the Cal game last week. Once we get ourselves going, we can be explosive."


“Good force. Grown up. Taking that next step where it got a little tight at the end. I’m a big fan of blowouts. But for us to look ourselves in the eye and finish it differently. Made a couple big plays on defense and swung the momentum. Proud of how our guys have stuck together. Hope this comes up starting a streak the other way.”


“The third play of the game was something we felt we had a great chance of hitting, not necessarily for 72 yards. I think it was Darren Carrington who sprung him at the end for the big play. We had some great rhythm going, particulary in the passing game. We would have liked to finish those drives with touchdowns. Instead of field goals during a stretch there.”


“The great part about this is we’re going to be in a better mood tonight. There are a million things we can fix. Very similar to Cal how we had a blown coverage. We have to go back to work and approach it the same way win, lose or draw.”


“Huge. We were talking about trying to get them to punt. Depending on the timing what we would have done offensively. A huge play by the front and Lana (Kaulana Apelu) making a big time play. After last week, it was a big week for him.”


“We had some quick-game stuff going early. Like that 3rd down play that went for 72 yards. Kept plugging, kept plugging. The fumble, which wasn’t great but got some big plays in the run game.”


“He did. (He managed the offense well). They completely changed their game plan in the second half and we didn’t necessarily adapt to that great. From the front work, just realizing what was gong on. As the half went on, he just made play after play after play. And some guys made some big plays for him.”


“I think the best part was the win.”

Arizona State v Oregon
Justin Herbert is starting to open some eyes outside the state of Oregon. The true freshman seems to get better with each game.
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images


“I’m just glad that we got the win. It meant a lot to our team and a lot to the coaches. So, that is what we are focusing on.”


“I have a lot of confidence in them. I know they’re going to go up and make a play. It makes my job a lot easier throwing to them.”


“I think it’s a lot of comfortability. We took a lot of the momentum from Cal. Did our best opening up against Arizona State. It worked out well.”


“Not in high school I haven’t. It was tough but I knew we can’t give up. I know the coaches and teammates are counting on us, so we have to give our best.”


“Yeah, I don’t think they’re too happy about that. I’ll probably have some work to do this week.”


“I think so. Our coaches made a great plan for us coming into this game. Our linemen executed it really well and so did the running backs. That made my job a lot easier.”


“I think a lot of it was timing with the receivers. I hadn’t practiced with the No. 1 guys as much as I would’ve like too. Working with them and practicing timing. And, working with the linemen so I can know what they are doing in protection.”


“I didn’t know that. And, I don’t know as much about Bill Musgrave as I need to know."

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