What do you have to do to stop the showboating?

Pharoah Brown did a clown act and dropped the ball before crossing the goal line in order to start celebrating. Where have we seen this before....well, how about the last Championship game against Ohio State, when Byron Marshall dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. The only difference this time was Brown got lucky, and the referees did not call his clown act costing the Ducks a TD. There was also the last Duck game in Salt Lake City where a Utah receiver, whose name I do not recall, dropped the football after a long run....short of the goal line, and an alert Oregon linebacker, Joe Walker I believe, picked up the ball and ran it back the other way for a touchdown. A nice 14 point swing.

The point of my rant is how many clown acts do you have to see to have an impact on the current players and COACHES, to do something different? What do the current coaches have to do to convince the players that celebrating a TD is not important until AFTER you cross the goal line. You would think Helfrich should have seen enough to do something about this clown act?

Well, I have a solution for Helfrich. Require/teach his players that they must hand the ball off to an official after every TD. You can only do this by crossing the goal line first....then hand off the ball, and then celebrate and draw attention to yourself and how great you are.

The late Don James of U. of Washington did not have this problem. He told his players to act like they have been there before when scoring a TD and reaching the end zone. Be cool, by acting cool....not by acting like a clown.

Helfrich has got enough problems, and may not be the coach after this year, but acting like "you have been there".....sure seems like the best policy to me.

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