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We Were There - ASU Edition

Arizona State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Halloween came early to Autzen Stadium this year as the Oregon Ducks beat the Arizona State Sun Devils 54-35 on Saturday. And many fans were dressed for the occasion. There were T-Rexes, sharks, mad scientists, mexican wrestlers. I even saw someone dressed as Pinhead.

Puddles even got into the act, donning a bear costume to start the second quarter. Or maybe he just lost a bet with Oski last week.

What interesting things happened to you at the game? Did you go in costume? Did you get a picture of Pinhead? (Please say yes. Please say yes. I stupidly did not take any pictures and I will give you all the recs if you post it.) Please leave your stories in the comments, or if you have a particularly long and awesome one make it into a fanpost and put the link here. I look forward to hearing all about your experiences.