Quack Fix -- 11-11-2016

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The Fix is in, Akili won't beat me to it today.

Yesterday's QF. In which we learned that OregOnDucks has a son, which instantly made the world a better place.

After a little technical glitch, Rusty's Slingin Quack is up. And Tiana is talking animals and stuff.

AJR previews the Stanford offense. The short version is that they just changed QBs because the last guy was ineffective, and the guy they brought in a game before the Oregon game wasn't great but was effective running the ball. When have I heard this story before? Sounds like a movie, the Kevin Hogan story.

Rusty and Sean are making their picks again.

Apparently Dana Altman is getting a contract extension, probably with a large buyout, since that's the way these things are done. He has a track record that warrants such a thing -- not everybody who gets large buyouts in their contract extensions does have that kind of track record, of course.

Away from ATQ, as this long-awaited BB season starts, Tyson Alger lists some of the national "experts" who are picking Oregon to win it all.

Utah beat up ASU, and so did we, does that mean we're as good as Utah this year? At least it should reaffirm our status as not quite the worst team in the PAC. Awesome.

Andrew Greif seems to think Helfrich's job depends on the Stanford game. I don't buy it. Maybe. I think one more win and he survives this year.

Finally, on Veterans Day playing against Army, the Ducks will be wearing tribute uniforms as they start their BB season.

I wish my compatriots showed the same respect to our military as you all do. If I manage it, I might comment more on this later.

Late addition: Numbers from kalon on the election, posted after I posted this but worth an edit to add this in. Interesting stuff, but please keep the political commentary there rather than in the QF.

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