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New custom Addicted to Quack shirts now on sale

Need some new threads? Look no further.

Several years ago, we sold ATQ shirts through the fine folks at Gameday Depot. This week, they reached out to me asking if we would like to do that again. The shirts are now available for purchase on! We have one embracing our new identity at ATQ and one that we hope Mark Helfrich wears to a practice or press conference.

The first is a clear message at our new identity here at ATQ. With Oregon football probably not going to a bowl game and Oregon basketball legitimately being picked by some experts to win the national championship this year, we figured this would help with our transition to becoming a basketball school.

The second is just trying to make a sad season a bit more fun. If you’re not familiar with the origins of the slogan, it was from an ESPN interview where Mark Helfrich more or less said that his team was doing 997 out of 1,000 things right, but it was those three things costing them games. Here at ATQ, we believe doing things right 99.7 percent of the time is perfectly acceptable.

The shirts start at $20.99 and are available in S-3XL. Ladies V-neck cuts start at $24.99, available in the same sizes. The shirts ship for $4.95 within 10 business days (the shirt is printed on demand, meaning you buy it, they print it), and you can get it in about half the time for an extra three to seven dollars.

I hope you enjoy the shirts as much as we do!