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GameThread: Oregon Ducks vs. Stanford Cardinal

This is usually the game of the year for Oregon. Not so much this year.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Most years, I plan my schedule around the Oregon/Stanford game. Everything else has to stop, no matter what. Last year, I trekked down to Palo Alto with my girlfriend for what turned out to be the most pleasant experience I've ever had as a visiting fan in college football. Seriously. Want to support your team on the road without dealing with the headaches that come along with it? Go to a Stanford football game. Not only will the fans not heckle you, they'll genuinely thank you for coming to the game.

This year is a little different. I'd be lying if I told you guys I was excited about this game. I like the Saturday night games. It allows me to go out and do fun stuff during the day before settling in for the game. The 1:00 PM time slot feels a little awkward, and it's not even an important game. But alas, here we are!

Here's to ending the home schedule on a positive note. Win it for Pharaoh.