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We Went There - Stanford

NCAA Football: Stanford at Oregon
No, this is not an actual picture of allthebacon, but I understand.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon allegedly showed up to play Stanford on Saturday, getting crushed 52-27. I mean they were there, at least. Although it might have been interesting to see if Stanford could put up 52 points against air, since air is one of our best defenders this season.

At least it appears they might have cut back on the in-game entertainment at Autzen Stadium. They not to include the large player-cutout race, although maybe the player cutouts are just not waterproof. I think the number of ads decreased as well, but unfortunately I was not keeping accurate notes during the game.

Did anything interesting happen to you at the game? I hope so, because there wasn’t much of anything interesting happening in the game. Leave any stories about the fan experience below, and the less said about the game the better.