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Quack Fix 11-17-2016

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going with positive news that I can find today. So, there will be no Duck news, only duck related news, we’ll see how far I can stretch this.

Marcus Mariota was named AFC offensive player of the week.

Ok, I lied, articles about King Ches are positive.

More Cross Country. previews the NCAA Championships this coming Monday.

As promised, here is today’s charity. This foundation has struggled a lot recently and could really use your help.

Ok, kidding, (made ya click) Here we go: Open Meadow School is a Portland area school that targets kids who are most at risk of dropping out and uses specialized, rigorous, targeted programs to prep them for college and beyond. In case you couldn’t tell, education for under privaleged kids is a pet idea of mine, I can think of no better way to break the cycle of poverty.