Quack Fix 11-2-2016

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

I would not have done this QF, but in yesterday's, allthebacon said he was going to beat Akili to it today, so I had to step in. That's me, jscot, causing trouble on SBN since the beginning of the (weeps) Greg Oden era.

Yesterday's QF, from which important information about finches can be gleaned.

Ches broke another record (and it wasn't mentioned in yesterday's QF, another reason I had to step in).

Tiana is here again. Is it a "New Beginning" if the old beginning was only two weeks old, or is it a refocusing of the first beginning? Or should we just be glad Tiana is here and tell jscot to shut up? (There will be no poll on this question.)

Are we a golf school, a basketball school, or a track/cross-country school? So hard to keep up.

Tako wants Herbert to tie more records. Metro sounds far more optimistic.

And that's your ATQ news from yesterday. If you want news from anywhere else, you'd better research it yourself, because this Quack Fix has been brought to you by an essentially lazy person. You can decide if "essentially" in that sentence means that it is essential for me to be lazy, or whether it means that laziness is part of the essence of who I am. Or, you can decide that you actually don't care what it means, and feel annoyed that I discussed it and made you waste 5 seconds of your precious time reading this when you could have been commenting mindlessly.

But I do have an important link for you all to consider. If you read nothing else today, you should read that.

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