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Quack Fix 11-22-16

NCAA Football: Oregon at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a cheerleader day. I have a hard time remembering what I did for sure on my last fix, but I think it was MM8.

Let’s see, lets go back o the depression that is Oregon football. FishDuck asks if we’ve killed the Chip Kelly offense.

When I go to Oregonlive today for the sports, and Oregon Ducks news specifically, the newest articles are from 2015, and the top article is from 2012. This is here just to point out that Oregonlive is stupid. I assume that will be fixed by the time most of you click it, so I’ll be the one who looks stupid. Whatever.

Gary Cambell is reportedly considering retirement. He also tweeted that he was not retiring, or that he hadn’t made up his mind, you decide:

Gary Campbell @OregonRBCoach

Word's out,I'm retiring. Believe me, I have made no such decision. Certainly I will one day. But not immediately. #Still a Duck!

No, if you’re curious, I don’t know how to embed a tweet. But I do know how to copy and paste.

Charity of the day is the Northwest Children's Outreach. Their stated description is as follows:

Northwest Children's Outreach is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the Portland area and surrounding communities. We help fill the needs of these families, providing clothing, infant care products, diapers, formula and many of the other necessities parents need for their children.”