I Forgot To Write Tako Tuesdays This Week, AMA

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Gonna be straightforward with you all: I'm on vacation. Left for the beach on Sunday, was too busy drinking wine and sitting with my toes in the sand to do anything else yesterday. Now it's Tuesday, and there is no Tako Tuesday. But, I'm watching Oregon play basketball and I have a computer open, so if you've got a question for me, about anything, post it in the comments and I'll answer. I'll start with a few easy ones:

- Favorite Oregon Ducks athlete, current student: Tony Brooks-James

- Favorite Oregon Ducks athlete, all-time: it's a tie between Josh Syria, Sonja Newcombe, Taylor Lilley, Walter Thurmond III, Bryce Taylor, English Gardner, and Jeremiah Johnson

- Favorite liquor: bourbon

- Favorite Ducks game in which I've been in attendence: It's either 65-38, 59-20, or the 2007 Pac-10 basketball tourney final. They're all blowouts. I giggle a lot during blowouts.


Okay, what else you got?

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