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Quack Fix 11-23-16

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Florida State vs Oregon Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Look! Mariota holding a trophy! It is a thing of beauty..

With the Civil War coming the Oregonian is looking back at Civil Wars past. Did you know that we once lost the game 6-2? She sounds hideous.

Jay Williams bags on Ducks basketball. He’s probably just whiny because we knocked Duke out of the tournament last year. In all fairness, the men’s BB team has been underwhelming to start the year, but I trust Altman will get them rolling when it matters.

In the spirit of “ha ha, told ya so!” NFL execs are now saying they would have taken Mariota over Winston. Basically, it could have gone either way.

Tomorrow is thanksgiving. For the Charity of the day, go find a way to feed a local family for Thanksgiving. The grocery store next to my office will feed a family on thanksgiving for $10, easy choice as far as I can tell.