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Thanksgiving 2016 Quack Fix

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-2nd Round-Oregon vs Oklahoma State Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This year I am thankful for a handful of things. I’m thankful for cheerleaders, so that is today’s picture.

I am thankful that the Ducks will wear at least one school color in the Civil War this weekend.

I am thankful that this guy already has two high school teammates committed to Oregon, and that apparently some kids still want to come play here.

I am thankful for this cool story from Sean about the Women’s Cross Country team and the fifth best runner on the team.

And I’m thankful for my family, my wife and two kids, and I’m thankful for this community of assholes and memes. I’m thankful for Jubelale, which is really yummy this year, and I’m thankful for whiskey. I’m thankful to have a big family gathering today where there will be a lot of food and wine, and I’m thankful for wine (and alcohol in general, I guess, don’t judge me).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.