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Quack Fix 11-28-16

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Florida State vs Oregon Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday, and as best as I can tell Helfrich is still our coach.

Congrats to some former ducks on getting nominated for awards.

Canzano thinks Helf should go. I’m not going to link him, or reading it, but that’s what the headline says. You can go find it if you want.

This was in the comments section yesterday while we took a break from specubating (yes, you read that right) about who our new coach might be. But this is a cool accomplishment.

And of course he is, it makes total sense. But that really sucks. We need to wrap up this coaching thing one way or another soon or this while recruiting class will fall apart.

FishDuck weighs in on the coaching question.

That’s it, happy Monday everyone.