What do you have to do to get through to NFL/College players that carrying a gun is a bad idea

Four days ago I wrote what do you have to do stop the clown act of players dropping a football before crossing the goal line because they want to start celebrating how great they are, well thanks to Josh Huff I ask what do you have to do to stop young players from throwing away their career because they want to carry a gun?

Josh Huff is of course a former Duck, and he just pissed away his NFL career because he was stupid enough to carry an unlicensed, aka illegal gun, and hollow point bullets. What was he thinking. I am a small white guy who does not need to carry a gun to protect myself. I am not talking about owning a gun.....but why does a big, young, strong, fit, man have to CARRY an illegal gun....when the very act of carrying that illegal weapon will cost you your career?

What action, if any, should be taken to stop this self destruction? The NFL allegedly does discuss this activity with prospective players, but should this start in College? Do our coaches have any responsibility? What do my fellow readers have to say....and remember please, I am NOT raising 2nd Amendment issues/discussions....that is for a different kind of forum. I want to know what could/should our coaches be doing now with our current players so if they are fortunate enough to get to the NFL they do not piss away their career?

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