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Quack Fix 11-30-16 (Bye Mark)

NCAA Football: Head Coaches Press Conference Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the University of Oregon fired their football coach for the first time in about 40 years. Mark Helfrich was a man of Oregon, an Oregon native who grew up as an Oregon fan and who likely considered Oregon his dream job. I too am an Oregon native, who grew up an Oregon fan. Getting fired from a high level university post would likely rip my heart out, buy out or no. As many others have said, this is not a positive development on a human level. I, like a lot of other people, wanted Helfrich to work out badly, and I feel bad that it didn’t.

Mark, thank you for 2014, Marcus Mariota, and especially the 2014 Rose Bowl. The 2014 Rose Bowl specifically was one of my favorite football games ever. Thank you for your years of service as offensive coordinator. Thank you also for being a class act through everything. I appreciate that you always stepped forward and took the blame and deflected the credit. By all appearances you are a good man, and I, along with the rest of the Oregon family hope that you land on your feet.

Now, moving forward, I would like to just drop this here.

Chip, if you’re out there, and you read ATQ, watch this video as many times as it takes and remember the good times. Sure, recruiting sucks, but it can’t possibly suck nearly as much as the rest of the stuff you put up with in the NFL. Chip, come home. You will be a hero, you will have a lifetime football czar appointment. All you have to do is deliver 10 ish wins a year, go for it on 4th down, and generally make football fun again. One natty would be nice, along with a DAT and maybe a Cliff Harris who just smokes some of it (get better Cliff, we love you too).

Call me a nostalgic fool, tell me it’ll never be the same, I don’t care. All I see is Chip taking off the duck head at game day pre Fright Night with pure joy on his face. This was a mach made in heaven. Chip, we love you, we forgive you and understand your desire to try the NFL, and we take you back in a heart beat.