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We Were There - USC

NCAA Football: Oregon at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday Oregon lost to the Men of Troy 45-20. And the game wasn’t even that close. Boy do I hope we can figure some stuff out. You know, maybe start doing some things. Anyway, where was I...

USC plays in th largest stadium in the Pac-12, the LA Coliseum. It has a capacity of 93,607 fans, and some of the seats just look like they’re impossibly far away. But hey, at least it’s campus adjacent (I’m looking at you, UCLA.)

What was your experience like in Los Angeles this past weekend? Did anyone take the metro in? How was the parking? A cursory scan of google maps doesn’t show a lot of bars around the stadium or campus, where do you go to drink away your sorrows? And have you gotten that song out of your head yet?