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GameThread: Oregon MBB v. Northwest Christian

Basketball is here

Saint Joseph's v Oregon Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Alright, it’s time for the Ducks first competition of the season. Although this one does not count as it’s an exhibition, the Ducks have a great chance for a tuneup before opening against Army on Friday.

Where to watch:

The game will be on Pac-12 network tonight at 7:00 PM.

I’m curious to see what look the Ducks come out in this one in the absence of Dillon Brooks. My predicted lineup is:

Casey Benson

Dylan Ennis

Tyler Dorsey

Chris Boucher

Jordan Bell

I’m curious to see Dana Altman work out the kinks of this potential three guard lineup. Also I’m curious to see what freshmen he begins to work into the rotation. If I’m Altman I’m banking on redshirting MJ Cage but having to play Keith Smith in the small forward position. The one I’m most excited to watch play is Payton Pritchard who could be a fun one off the bench.

Here we go, basketball is here!