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Quack Fix 11-9-2016

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

So, good morning America, the sun has not yet risen as I type this, but I assume it will. Let’s see, did anything of note happen yesterday?

The Blazers won, that made me happy.

The Cavs lost, that also made me happy (fuck Ohio sooooooooo much)

Canton Kaumatule retired for medical reasons. This is sad to me as a former athlete. I knew guys who poured their hearts and souls into sport and had it not work out due to bad knees, or whatever. Sad.

Oregon football upper classmen (we have those?) Passing advice onto the young ‘uns. I imagine it’s something like “Don’t do anything I’m doing right now”.

FishDuck is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

OK, so, I lost a large amount of the faith I held in my fellow man last night. My reaction at this point is to hug my kids, and stand firm in my beliefs about right and wrong. Regardless of how we feel, we will get through whatever comes our way. Plus, I hear that AcadianTraverse is coming back to invite us all to Cananda, and Kvak said we could move with her too.

The cover art was chosen as cheerleaders, trophies, and the Duck (or Puddles) all make me happy. Smile everyone.