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Quack Fix 12-12-16

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday. First, a SB Nation complaint. When I search for cover images and search “Oregon Women’s Basketball” I get images of OSU and UConn from last years NCAA Tournament. When I search “Oregon Ducks Women’s Basketball” I get the following “Sorry, there were no results for that search.”

Oregon Women’s Basketball got a easy 40 point win over Portland on Friday.

Oregon Women’s Basketball plays tonight against Clemson.

Over the weekend, Coach Tag (Is this what we’re going with?) signed his first recruit to Oregon.

Another offer, for another Florida guy, former South Florida commit who calls Oregon a dream offer. In short, Congrats Florida! He’s also got offers from fOSU, so, well, you know.

Oregon Men’s Basketball pulled off a win last night against Alabama.