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Quack Fix 12-16-16

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Word is the Ducks are close to signing a big time prospect at DB. I made this comment in another thread, while losing Molden sucks, this is a pretty solid consolation prize. This would be our second 4* DB commit and 3 total if Lenoir comes back.

Story about Prevot. The ducks defensive end who was suspended for the entire season has graduated (Congrats, Torrodney!) and will be deciding about where to play this year. Since he has gradated he can opt to transfer under the Vernon Adams rule. There’s a lot of mystery around what actually happened, but there is no outstanding case against him, Taggart could choose to reinstate.

It’s a really slow news day, what with the offseason and all. There are hints that we could learn about a new coach hiring, presumably an OC. I’d bet that we go a bit more down market for OC after hiring a million dollar DC.