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2016 just peaked with Jerry Allen’s call of Dillon Brooks’ game-winning shot against No. 2 UCLA

The legendary voice of the Ducks does it again.

UCLA v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Last night, Dillon Brooks drained a last-second game-winning 3-pointer to lift the No. 21 Oregon Ducks to an 89-87 win over the previously undefeated No. 2 UCLA Bruins.

With one second left and Oregon trailing 87-86, Brooks heaved up a desperation shot from behind the arc while heavily defended. Somehow, the shot went down and pandemonium ensued.

Fans stormed the court and mobbed Brooks, but there was still about three quarters of a second left on the clock, all the fans had to clear the floor so UCLA could have a chance at a miracle. Of course, their attempt fell short and the fans got to storm the court a second time.

We all love a good Jerry Allen call, so let’s all sit back and enjoy what true happiness sounds like. I recommend keeping your volume at an appropriate level unless you want your eardrums blown out.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go run through the nearest wall.