Quack Fix: 2016-12-30

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Champions of Quack! Welcome to the second to last day of a truly forgettable year. Most of us are still riding high from the Ducks' victory over UCLA. Let's hope that the MBB team can continue that momentum against USC tonight and complete the home sweep of SoCal (game data). You can catch the game at 7pm PST on FS1.

In the news:


  • Some interesting details about our mega-deal with new defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt. I guess they are anticipating him bailing to K-State eventually once Bill Synder finally decides to retire at 129 years old. You do you, Jim.
  • A top DE recruit has Oregon in his top 6. This means jack shit other than Taggart and Leavitt are already getting some good traction with top defenders. That alone shows some progress over the absolute dearth of D-Line talent interested in Oregon since Chip left.
  • No link, but WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO BE OUR OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR?! My hope, after watching USF's bowl game is either Darren Hiller or T.J. Weist. They are the two co-offensive coordinators currently at USF, with Weist now currently serving as interim HC. I was impressed with how they were able to gash South Carolina's defense. Darren Hiller currently runs the O-Line and run game while Weist manages the passing game and wide receivers. I'm not sure who the play caller was but it was a very well called game.


  • Wait, there was a game against UCLA? What happend? THIS!
  • 5* signee Troy Brown Jr. is fired up.


RIP Pan Pan.

Fuck you, 2016. Go Ducks!

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