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Slingin' Quack: Hot off the Stove Post-Arizona

COMIN' TO YOU LIVE FROM THE IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH OF THE ARIZONA SEMIFINAL GAME! Rusty and Sean talk about the Oregon-Arizona game and how it is one of the best games in recent memory. They follow up with track and field, pro day, and the NFL draft.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

What just happened?  Oregon had one of the best four minutes in college basketball history with Brooks slamming away an alley-oop with no time on the clock.  Then the second half happened, with memories of Oregon-TCU dancing in my head.

Sean and I recorded this immediately after the Arizona game ended so that's why we sound a little unfocused when we start.  The game was dominated by the starters and we talk about how one or two players always show up every game.  Benjamin's overtime performance was reminiscent of Paul Pierce.  The PAC12 Championship game is tomorrow at 7 pm on FS1.

Edward Cheserek won the 5,000m run and then, WITH A 30 MINUTE TURNAROUND, runs a 3:52 mile in the Distance Medley Relay.  Not everyone can win two national championship trophies in 45 minutes.

Devon Allen has his speed back after setting a PR in the 60m hurdles and should be a huge weapon in the fall and hopefully Pharaoh Brown is back as a testament to modern science.

Lastly, Sean and I talk about the Oregon pro day, which didn't show us a ton more about our Pro Duck hopefuls.  We finish talking about where Buckner might go in the first, DeMarco Murray joining Mariota in the backfield, and what the Titans should do with their draft pick.