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Slingin' Quack: After the Ides of March

The Ducks enter the NCAA College Basketball March Madness as a one seed, which neither Sean or Rusty expected. They also talk about their brackets, the possibility of a loss to Holy Cross, and a little bit of college football.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

March Madness is upon us.  Oregon opens the tournament as one of the top seeds and will play Holy Cross in the first round.  No one-seed has ever lost to a sixteen-seed.  But what if Oregon is that team?  With all of the one-seeds blowing out their opponents it appears it's Oregon who will play the role of the one-seed that almost loses but pulls it out at the end.

Oregon won the PAC-10 Championship and we talk about the game against Utah and how the team personnel looks going into the madness.

Sean and I talk about our brackets, which I know will be very exciting to everyone, but more importantly how we pick upsets.  Sean and I both almost picked Hawai'i to beat Cal but decided not to at the last second and we both almost picked Yale to beat Baylor.  Missed opportunities on the Bulldogs.

Lastly, we talk about some college football with spring practices having begun at some schools across the country and give a heads up that Oregon's spring game is at the end of April.