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2016 NCAA Tournament: Ducks blow out Holy Cross 91-52 in Round of 64

Round one: Oregon dominates

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

What a start to the NCAA Tournament for the Ducks! The dreaded upset is always in the back of fans minds during March, but the Oregon Ducks left no time for worry. No. 1 seed Oregon destroyed No. 16 Holy Cross 91-52 Friday in Spokane.  Chris Boucher was the player that made most of the blowout happen. Making the net swish almost every time the ball was in his hand, Boucher scored 20 points helping the Ducks move to the next round.

The Holy Cross Crusaders did not stand a chance as soon as the ball hit the court. By halftime Oregon had an 18-point lead and from there they strived on. Throughout this tournament you can bet a name you are going to continue to hear is Chris Boucher. Dunk after dunk, Boucher makes you get on your feet. He was 7 of 7 inside the arc tonight.

The Ducks weren’t done showing what they are made of. Looking into the second half, every player started stepping up to secure the win. Casey Benson and Dwayne Benjamin were hitting three-pointers and shaking things up for the Crusaders on defense.

Robert Champion scored a majority, 19, of Holy Cross’ points, making him the star of the Crusaders for the night. However, the Ducks intense offensive game was just shining too bright to notice Champion. Elgin Cook, Tyler Dorsey, Dillon Brooks, Dwayne Benjamin, Casey Benson and Chris Boucher were running the court and not letting the Crusaders’ even have a chance to catch their breath.

Top-seeded Oregon may not be used to this type of atmosphere, but they are acting like champions on the court. With this win Oregon advances to the second-round of the NCAA Tournament looking to face either St. Joseph’s or Cincinnati on Sunday in Spokane.